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The sidebar on the top-right of the navigation bar links users to the core Fuse functionality, such as news feeds, topics, and communities. When you log in for the first time, the sidebar is open. For all other users, the sidebar is collapsed by default. To expand the sidebar, click the sidebar icon. 

Admins can customise the labels for each link and add their own custom links to Fuse pages and external web pages, using the Edit side menu screen.

The following options are available on the sidebar: 

The terms listed in the Option column below are the default labels, which may differ in your organisation's Fuse instance.




Redirects you to the Fuse home page.

You can also go directly to the Fuse home page by clicking your organisation's logo on the navigation bar.

Recently added content 

Content posted by other users that you have permission to view, such as questions, videos, and articles.


Displays all topics on the company instance.


Displays a list of recently-visited communities, suggestions for communities to join, and a list of all communities you currently belong to.

Learning plans

Displays all learning plans available.


Allows you to create new events as well as displays a list of events you have access to. 


Displays the company instance leaderboard.


Allows you to schedule or start a new one-to-one, view your current goals, and view a list of previous one-to-ones you have participated in. 

My Dashboard 

Redirects you to your user dashboard, as configured by the admin in the User Dashboard page in Design Studio. This dashboard may display useful or relevant information, such as your average content score, recent activities, contributions, how popular your content is, and learning plans you have been assigned.


Allows managers to assess their reportees using formal observations.

This function is only available if the you have an assigned reportee.


Displays a list of available surveys and allows admins to create surveys.

For information on how to create surveys, see Surveys


Click the dropdown to view your saved Fuse pages.

Favourites is also available as a button on the navigation bar.

Recently visited 

Click the dropdown to view a list of pages you have recently visited. 

Your recently-visited Fuse pages are also available to view by clicking the Favourites button on the navigation bar.

My Content 

Redirects you to your My profile page.

New topic 

Create a new topic.


If you are a manager with reportees, you will see the Manager/Reportee link on the sidebar.

This screen is only available if you have one or more reportees assigned to you in your profile.


Takes you to Fuse's legacy Analytics platform, which allows admins to view graphs illustrating trends in user engagement with Fuse content across a company instance within a specific period of time.

To access Fuse's newer Universal Analytics  platform, see Accessing Universal Analytics. Universal Analytics provides you with detailed data and insights related to different areas of your organisation's Fuse instance, such as user engagement, content consumption, learning plan completion, event attendance, survey response rates, one-to-one goal completion, and observational assessments in the form of filterable charts, graphs, and reports.

Analytics is also accessible via the Admin Panel.

This function is only available to admins.


If you are a Fuse admin, you will see the Admin option on the sidebar. This option redirects to the Admin panel, which contains a number of features used to administer Fuse. 

This function is only available to admins.


Redirects you to the Edit profile screen.

Log out 

Click to log out of Fuse.

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