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Creating a new topic

The New topic option on the Sidebar, allows users to create new topics. A topic is used to organise multiple related items of content into chapters to make it easy for users to digest. Once created, a topic can be selected and added to learning plans in the Learning plan creator screen. 

To create a topic: 

  1. Expand the sidebar and click New topic
    The Topic information screen appears. 

  2. From the Select community dropdown, select the community in which to add the topic. 

  3. In the Please enter topic name field, enter a name for the topic.
    Please note that it is possible to create multiple topics with the same name in a community. It is strongly advised to give each topic a distinct name.

  4. If necessary, in the Please write your description here, 200 character max field, enter a description about the topic. 

  5.  If necessary, in the Enter tags, separate with a comma field, type a tag and press Enter. Repeat as necessary.

  6. If necessary, click Choose thumbnail and upload a thumbnail image to help users differentiate the topic from others. 

  7. Click Add content.
    The Add chapters and chapter content screen appears. 

  8. Click the left dropdown to display content by type.

    To filter displayed content:

    • Search for specific items of content using the search bar.

    • Use the right dropdown to display all uploaded content or only content uploaded by you.

  9. Add a title to the chapter:

    1. Click the edit icon. 

      A text field appears. 

    2. Enter a title and click the tick icon or press Enter.

  10. Drag one or more items of content to the Drag and drop content or chapter here area.

  11. To add another chapter to the topic, click + Add another chapter

    If necessary, drag and drop a chapter into an existing chapter to create a sub-chapter.

  12. When you have finished creating the topic, click Submit
    The topic opens. 

Adding assessments to a topic

To configure more topic settings, such as adding assessments, click Edit Topic.

For information on how to create different types of assessments, see Assessments.

Viewing a topic

To view all topics that you have access to, expand the sidebar and click Topics

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