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The Observations screen allows you to start a new observation. An observation contains one or more free text or multiple choice questions and is used by managers to assess the progress of a reportee.

A manager can carry out an observation for each of their reportees, to assess their performance and provide constructive feedback on how they can improve in the future. An observation can be viewed retrospectively by both the manager and reportee. For example, a user might lack specific knowledge essential for performing safely at work, such as food hygiene standards needed when working in a kitchen. The manager might assess the user and then suggest ways in which they can fill that gap in their knowledge, such as taking a course. 

For information on how to create and configure an observation template, see Observations (admin)

Starting an observation

To start an observation:

  1. Expand the sidebar

  2. Click Observations
    The Observations screen appears. 

    Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 15.19.40.png

  3. Select a user. 

    Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 15.20.41.png

    The Select observation screen appears. 

  4. Select an existing observation template from the list. 

  5. Answer the observation questions. 

  6. When you have answered all the questions, click Submit
    The Finish session screen appears. 

  7. If necessary, in the Add final thoughts (Optional) field, enter any final comments. 

  8. Click Save and Close
    The observation appears in the Previous observation assessments section. 

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