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Fuel50 integration

Fuse's Fuel50 integration allows you to link Fuse communities, learning plans, and search results with skills in Fuel50. When a user clicks a skill that is linked with a page in Fuse, they are taken to that page. For example, there might be a skill in Fuel50 called ‘Problem Solving’ and when the user clicks it, they are taken to a Problem Solving community in Fuse.

Each skill in Fuel50 can have a Fuse URL linked to it. Skills are located in the Learn tab of Fuel50 and are presented to users to help them fill gaps in their knowledge. For example, you might be Head of Product at an organisation and wish to progress your career to the next level, by becoming the Chief Operating Officer (COO). You can take assessments and quizzes in Fuel50 and based on your answers, are given a list of skills you need to develop. In the example below, Fuel50 has recommended learning about Customer Centricity, Problem Solving, Data Analysis, and Innovation in order to become an effective COO.

URL types

The following URL types can be added to skills in Fuel50:

You can link a learning plan or community to a skill in Fuel50. When users click on that particular skill, they are taken directly to the learning plan or community in Fuse. For example, a user is presented with a skill for ‘Problem Solving’ and when they click that skill, they are taken to a community that features content related to problem solving.

When setting up a direct link, ensure that users have access the learning plan or community. Users may get a 404 error if they do not have access the community or learning plan in Fuse.

To ensure users can always access the communities and learning plans:

  • Add any content, topics or events to open communities, or add them to private communities in which all your Fuel50 users are members.

  • Ensure that learning plans are assigned to all members of open or private communities, and that your Fuel50 users are members of these communities.


Keyword searches

You can perform a basic search in Fuse by entering a keyword or phrase in the search bar. You can link a search for a particular keyword or phrase to a skill in Fuel50. A keyword search is unfiltered and returns all available content types from across Fuse, including third-party content surfaced using connectors, such as LinkedIn Learning or Udemy for Business (if set up in Fuse).

For example, a user is presented with the ‘Problem Solving' skill in Fuel50, and when they click it, they are taken to an unfiltered search for 'Problem Solving’, containing all available content types, from all available communities and content sources.

Keyword searches are the simplest form of search. To give your users a more curated search, you can link to a filtered search, as shown in the Filtered searches section below.

When creating a keyword search, take note of the following:

  • It is recommend that Fuse content related to a Fuel50 skill is added to open communities to ensure all users have access.

  • If content is only relevant to a specific subset of users, it should remain in a private community, only accessible to those particular users.

  • Search results vary depending on the communities each user belongs to.


Filtered searches

You can link a pre-filtered search to a skill in Fuel50, so that only content fitting a particular criteria is returned. Fuse’s search engine comes with a variety of filters and facets that can be used to narrow down search results. You might link a skill in Fuel50 to a search that only returns certain content types, from certain communities, with a particular tag attached to it.

If you have LinkedIn Learning and/or Udemy for Business connectors set up in Fuse, content from these sources appear automatically in search results alongside native Fuse content. If you only want to return content from a particular third-party source, select the Source facet and choose the correct source when setting up the link.

For example, when a user clicks on the “Customer Centricity” skill in Fuel50, they are taken to a Fuse search that is filtered to only return links, tagged as “customer centricity”, in the Customer Experience community.

Setting up a link between Fuse and Fuel50

Once you have curated the Fuse URLs, contact your Fuel50 CSM and they can assist you in mapping them to the correct Fuel50 skills.

Things to consider

When curating your URLs, take into consideration the following:

  • Learning experience: Consider what content or learning experiences you wish to link to each skill.

  • Taxonomy: To get the best experience, it is important to think about your existing community taxonomy and any adjustments you could make.

  • Communities: Most Fuse users are members of a multiple communities, which means they have access to content that is relevant to their role, rather than all content from across Fuse. If you want content to be available to all users, it should be added to an open community, or a private community where all users are members.

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