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About (Community admin)

The About section allows you to edit general community details, such as title, description, type, and cost.

The following configurations are available:



Community Name

The name of the community.

Community Description 

Description about the community.

The Upload feature will be deprecated. 


Click Upload to upload a thumbnail image to help users differentiate the community from others. 

Community Type

Select one of the following community types:

  • Public: External users outside of the Fuse instance can view the community. 
  • OpenAny user can join or view this community.
  • ProtectedAny user can search and find this community, but must be invited to join by a community admin.
  • Private: Only community admins and members can view this community. Users must be invited to join by a community admin.

Knowledge experts

Add one or more users as knowledge experts for the community. 

To add a knowledge expert, in the Knowledge experts field, enter the name of a user.

You can enter up to 3 users as knowledge experts by default, however this limit can be increased to a maximum of 10 users if required. If you need to add more knowledge experts, please contact your Customer Success Consultant (CSC) and they will increase the limit. 

Subscription plan

Click the Select plan dropdown and select an existing subscription plan. 


How much it costs for each user to access the community.

Default active community tab

Disable and add custom labels to the Knowledge tab, Topics tab, Events tab, and Community custom tab on the Community homepage, and select the default open tab on the community homepage.  

These tabs are only available if you have selected Use classic layout option in Design Studio.  

Community settings

Select Members can leave community to allow users to leave the community by themselves. If this option is unselected, users must be removed by a community admin. 

Click Save to save your configurations.

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