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Using Fuse tools for content creation

Fuse has a range of content creation tools available to all users within the platform.

These content creation tools allow you to:


  • Articles

  • External Links

  • Question


  • Videos


  • Videos

  • Documents and files

Improving content accessibility

Due to our new transcription capabilities, this now means that you can supplement your learning content with other content types (such as video, articles, PDFs, images) and make the experience more accessible. We’ve collated some guidance on how to ensure content is developed with accessibility in mind.

Translate a video’s transcript into subtitles

When videos are uploaded into Fuse, they are automatically transcribed. Once transcribed, subtitles are created in that language, which can then be translated into the available languages at your discretion.

For more information on how to translate transcripts, see Translating transcripts.

Jump-to Points to display the transcript

You can display the transcript next to a video by selecting “jump to” points in the Edit content screen. You can define key points of the video with time codes to act as navigation within the video. If the transcript has been translated, it will also display the transcript of the video in the user’s selected profile language next to a video.

For more information about “jump to” points in videos, see Using the "Jump to" tab.

Use Universal Content to serve language-specific content

Many users prefer to learn in their first language and Fuse enables you to deliver content in up to 48 different language versions using the Universal Content feature.

Enable AI translation services

Fuse also uses AI to offer the ability to translate articles and comments when the text is in a language different to your profile language. If you do not have access to these services, please contact Fuse support or your Customer Success Consultant (CSC).

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