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Creating accessible content within Fuse

Making knowledge more accessible and discoverable is at the heart of Fuse's product direction. Fuse views accessibility broadly, from improving the traditional usability of a site to making knowledge within content more accessible by removing barriers such as discoverability and language. This guide helps you take advantage of Fuse’s content accessibility features to aid in enhancing your employees' experience. 

There are many benefits to creating content within Fuse which improve accessibility and discoverability:

  • Applying Knowledge Intelligence (KI): Fuse's Knowledge Intelligence engine allows us to make your content more discoverable. Paired with our natural language search capabilities, your employees can search in the same way they do in Google and find knowledge faster than on any LMS. 

  • Translations: Knowledge can only be truly accessible when language is no longer a barrier. Using various tools, you can translate subtitles for videos into multiple languages, articles can be AI translated by a user, and comments can be translated to bring together experts from across the globe.

  • Multi-lingual content: Content creators can make use of our Universal Content functionality to create one content object but have up to 48 language versions of the same content object. This is available on all content types.

  • Accessible in the flow: Another factor in good, modern content creation is to design for workflow access. Fuse’s focus is on making knowledge available in the flow wherever the workflow is, using the Fuse Flow browser extension.

This section includes:

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