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Automatically generated transcriptions

When you first upload a video, if Fuse is able to detect the spoken language, a transcript in that language is extracted automatically, and if Fuse is unable to confidently identify the language, the video will be transcribed into English. If the video is not transcribed automatically, you can click Convert on the Edit content screen to manually trigger the transcription.

If you manually convert an auto-generated transcript that was extracted when the video was uploaded, Fuse will look up the language selected in your profile and translate it to that language by default. For example, if your video has an auto-generated transcript in Danish but you have French selected in your profile and you click Convert, that Danish transcript will be translated into French.

If a video has been successfully auto-transcribed , a 'Last converted' date is displayed on the Edit content screen for the video, as shown below:

Auto-transcription only occurs if you have auto-transcriptions enabled in your platform. If you would like auto-transcriptions enabled, please raise a ticket with Fuse Customer Support or speak with your Customer Success Consultant (CSC).

You can manually add transcripts to an existing video by uploading a .SRT file. For more information, see Uploading your own transcripts


When uploading videos to Fuse, take note of the following limitations: 

  • If Fuse cannot confidently identify the spoken language, Fuse auto-transcribes the video in English by default. 

  • Fuse requires at least 60 seconds of speech to auto-transcribe a video.

  • If the video contains unsupported languages, Fuse is unable to auto-transcribe the video. 

  • If the video contains a mixture of different languages, this may affect the transcription. 

  • If the audio is not clear or of poor quality, Fuse may be unable to auto-transcribe the video.

  • If the video does not feature any spoken words, Fuse is unable to auto-transcribe or extract tags.


If auto-transcription is enabled in your organisation's Fuse instance, Fuse automatically scans the extracted transcript and adds tags to the video. For more information, see Auto-tagging videos.

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