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Editing content

If you are the content owner or an admin, you can edit an item of content on the Edit content screen. You can edit details such as the title, description, thumbnail image, and owner. You can also add transcriptions to posted videos, configure download settings (if enabled), and provide multiple versions of the same content in different languages using the Language Versions tab. 

If you are the content owner or an admin, you can also delete an item of content.

The Edit content screen consists of the following tabs:

Content information tab

The Content information tab allows you to edit information about content uploaded to Fuse.

The table below displays the different editing options available depending on the type of content being edited (such as an article or a video).

Wordings of individual option fields may differ depending on content type.

Scroll left to see all columns in the table.










Edit the title of the content.

Update content with a new file

Click Choose file to replace the uploaded content with a new file.

  • Although it is possible to overwrite an existing SCORM file, we do not recommend doing so as it can create issues with suspend data. Instead, we advise you to upload a new version of the SCORM course. For more information, see Issues with suspend data in SCORM courses.

  • If you choose to overwrite a SCORM course, any previous records for users that have already completed the SCORM course will remain, as the Fuse content ID of the SCORM course stays the same.

For information on editing SCORM courses, see Editing a SCORM course in Fuse.


Edit the content description.

Add a thumbnail

Click anywhere in the space to upload a thumbnail.

For information on supported image formats, see the Images section in Supported formats

Convert audio to text

Click Convert to transcribe audio in videos to text using machine translation.

Transcribed dialogue is saved as a subtitle file in the Subtitles area below. Tags are added automatically, replacing any tags that may have previously been added.

Currently, Fuse only supports Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish audio-to-text transcriptions. For information on how to upload transcripts in other languages, see Uploading your own transcripts.


Click Add a subtitle file to upload an SRT subtitle file.

Transcriptions created using the Convert audio to text feature, above, are automatically added as subtitle files. For more information about transcriptions, see Adding transcripts to videos.

Subtitles may not appear on the video if there are blank lines in the SRT file. If the subtitles are not appearing, check the SRT file to ensure there are no blank lines. If blank lines are present, remove them and re-upload the file. 

The following options are available for added subtitle files:

  • Edit transcript: Allows you to edit the subtitle file.

  • Download: Downloads the subtitle file as an HTML file

  • Remove: Removes the subtitle file from the content

Translate subtitles

Translate existing subtitle files from one language to another. For information on how to do this, see Translating transcripts.  

Required view percentage

Enter how much of the video, as a percentage, users must watch to before they can proceed. This feature is useful for videos posted in learning plans.

Display "Jump to" tab

Select the checkbox to enable the "Jump to" tab.


Click the field to add the communities that are able to view the content.


Type a tag and press Enter.

Schedule content to be posted later

Allows content owners, community admins or a members of an admin group with the Manage content permission enabled, to schedule an existing item of content to be posted to a community at a future date and time.

For more information, see Scheduled posting.

Digital signature

Select Digital signature to provide a statement that users must confirm by clicking a button to show they have engaged with the content.

If the Digital signature checkbox is selected after an item of content has been posted, any users who have already viewed the content prior to it being enabled, will not be notified that they must provide a digital signature. 

The following settings are available:

  • Statement (Required): If necessary, you can customise the default statement text.

  • Confirmation button text (Required): If necessary, you can customise the default confirmation button text.

  • I want to receive notification when user signs content: Select to receive an email notification upon user confirmation.

  • Clear current signatures: If the content is updated and you need users to read the statement again or confirm a new statement, select this option to clear all current signatures.


Click the dropdown to enter the name of a user to transfer ownership of the content to.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 15.55.36.png

For more information about changing content ownership, see Changing content ownership.

By default, ownership belongs to whoever uploaded the content.


The following options are available:

  • Yes: Enables all users to download the content.

  • No: Disables all users from downloading the content.

  • Custom: Allows you to select one or more communities to enable to download the content.

Custom HTML

Use HTML to customise the content.

This feature is only available to admins.


Click Choose file to upload an image to use as a signature on SCORM course certificates.

Launch the course in a new window

Select the checkbox to open SCORM courses in a new window.

Enable Certificate

Select to enable certificates to be received upon completion of SCORM courses.


Enter a price using any currency symbol as necessary.

This course requires sign off from

Select one of the following options:

  • Content owner: The owner of the content

  • Applicants manager: The manager of the user

  • Specified approver: Click the dropdown to search for any Fuse user on the company instance to select.

Disable Comments

Allows community admins or owners to disable users' ability to comment on an item of content.

You cannot disable comments on questions.

For more information on disabling comments, see Disabling comments on an item of content.

Language versions tab

Click the Language versions tab to provide your own translations of content posted to Fuse. For more detailed information on the Language versions tab, as well as how to add translations to an item of content, see Universal Content.

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