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Disabling comments on an item of content

If you are the community admin or content owner, you can disable users' ability to comment on an item of content. By default, users are able to post comments and start conversations under an item of content, however, there may be occasions when you do not want them to do this.

You might disable commenting on an item of content if:

  • It is an information-only post

  • The content is saved in a draft community and you do not want others commenting while you are making changes

  • You do not want to moderate flagged comments underneath the content


  • You cannot disable comments on questions.

  • You can disable and re-enable commenting at any time on the Edit content screen.

How to disable comments

To disable commenting on an item of content:

  1. On the content homepage for the item of content, click the ellipsis.

  2. Click Edit.

    The Edit content screen appears.

  3. Select the Disable Comments checkbox.

  4. Click Post.

Any comments posted prior to selecting the Disable comments checkbox are deleted, and the following note is displayed in the Comments tab: This content is information only, which means you cannot comment on it.

How are users affected?

When commenting has been disabled on an item of content, users are affected in the following places in Fuse:

Comments tab

Users cannot post comments in the Comments tab under the item of content.

Mobile app

Users cannot post comments on the content when using the Fuse mobile app.

Feed widget

Users cannot comment on the content or reply to comments using the Feed widget. Existing comments are also not shown in the widget.

The Feed widget ranks and displays content based on the number of engagements. If comments are disabled for an item of content, the Feed widget does not count comments for that item of content, which means it is not ranked as highly.

User activities widget

Users are unable to see comment activity related to the item of content on the User activities widget.

Join the conversation widget

If your organisation has the Join the conversation widget implemented in Fuse, users cannot comment on the content or reply to comments directly in the widget.

Comments posted prior to disabling

Comments posted by users prior to disabling, are permanently deleted. If comments are re-enabled, these comments are not re-added underneath the content.

Comments posted prior to disabling are still present in:

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