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Managing reported content

The Reported items section on the Community admin screen allows community admins to moderate content, comments, and shares that have been reported/flagged as inappropriate by users in a community.


When an item of content is flagged, the owner receives a notification informing them. Depending on their notification settings, the owner may also receive an email notification. 

For information on site-wide moderation, including how to blacklist keywords, see Site moderation.

The Community moderation section contains the following options:



Search for a offender

Enter the name of an offending user.

Filter by type

Click the dropdown to filter the list of flagged items by type. 

Hide resolved

Disable to reveal all resolved items.

The Hide resolved toggle is enabled by default.

Show details Hide details

Click to show or hide the details about the flagged item and further options.

Each reported item contains the following options:



  • Go to comment

  • Go to content

  • Go to one-to-one comment

Click to view the flagged item.

  • Delete comment

  • Delete content

  • Delete share

  • Delete one-to-one comment

Click to delete the flagged item. 

Dismiss report(s)

Click to resolve the flagged item. 

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