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The Reporting screen allows admins to generate reports on a wide range of Fuse activities, such as an overview of comments left on Fuse within a specific period of time and survey results. When a report is generated, a CSV file is produced and uploaded to Fuse, where it can downloaded.


Before generating a report, please take note of the following:

Special characters

A report cannot be generated if any of the information contains certain special characters. The following special characters are not supported in reports: 

  • Backslash ("\")

  • Left curly brace ("{")

  • Non-printable ASCII characters (128–255 decimal characters)

  • Caret ("^")

  • Right curly brace ("}")

  • Percent character ("%")

  • Grave accent / back tick ("`")

  • Right square bracket ("]")

  • Quotation marks

  • 'Greater Than' symbol (">")

  • Left square bracket ("[")

  • Tilde ("~")

  • 'Less Than' symbol ("<")

  • 'Pound' character ("#")

  • Vertical bar / pipe ("|")

  • Plus sign ("+")

Dates and times

Dates/times displayed in reports correspond to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). If an instance is set to another time zone, dates and times shown in reports will be plus or minus UTC (depending on the time zone).

Example: The time zone for an instance in San Fransisco is Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7). A learning plan is then created with a deadline of Friday 12th June Pacific Daylight Time at 23:59. This means the deadline date and time displayed in the Learning plans deadline & expiry report will be Saturday 13th June at 06:59. 

For more information on time zones in Fuse, see Time zones.

This section includes:

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