The following icons are appear with each report on the Reports table.




Displays the number of filters applied to the report.

Number of report files

Displays the number of report files attached to the report.

Regenerate report

 Regenerates the report as a new file attached to the report.

Scheduled reports 

Displays the number of scheduled reports

 Duplicate Report

Duplicates the report (not including any attached files), allowing you to edit details before submitting.

For some report types, you must submit a new start and end date before submitting.

Edit Report

Allows you to edit all report details.

Edited reports are saved as new files attached to the report.

 Delete report

 Click to delete all instances of the report.

To view reports, click Show files. The following icons are available.




Click to download the report file as a CSV.

 Delete this instance of report

Click to delete this instance of the report.