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Profile (Mobile)

The Profile icon allows you to access the You screen. 

The You screen consists of the following options:



User profile 

Allows you to change your profile picture and view a list of content you have posted to Fuse.


View a list of communities you are a member of. 


View a list of topics you have access to. 


  • Start a new one-to-one with your manager or a reportee.

  • View your goals. 

  • Schedule a one-to-one for a future date and time.

  • View a list of one-to-ones you have previously taken part in. 


  • Start a new observation.

  • Allows admins to assign an observation to one or more users

  • View a list of previous observations.


  • Start a new survey.

  • Allows admins to create a survey and assign it one or more users

  • View a list of previous observations.


View upcoming, past, and pending events. 


  • View a list of content you have added to the Favourites list.

  • Remove items from the Favourites list. 

Change Password

Change the password for your Fuse account. 

Log Out 

Log out of the Fuse mobile app. 

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