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This documentation will guide you when performing integrations between a HRIS (Human Resource Information System) and the Fuse platform.

Benefits of HRIS integration

A HRIS integration with Fuse removes much of the administrative overheads associated with managing users at scale. Our Audience Management functionality provides powerful, conditional statement logic-based rules, which automatically manage Fuse users. The Audience Management logic is based on user profile fields and these can be automatically synchronised with a HRIS, which means the allocation and assignment of users to communities and learning plans can be automated.

For example, if a user changes role or location within an organisation, and this is reflected within their Fuse user profile through the automated HRIS integration, the Fuse Audience Management feature can automatically reassign them new Fuse communities and learning plans. No manual community or learning plan assignment is required.

Provisioning users in Fuse

There are currently three ways to provision users in Fuse:

Benefits of using the Fuse API

The Fuse Manage Users Endpoint in the Fuse API is free to use for existing customers.

See our SLA for more information and terms.

The Fuse API Manage Users Endpoint supports all the usual HRIS user lifecycle flows including. For example: Create user > Update user > Deactivate user > Reactivate user > Wipe user personal data.

You can also fully automate Fuse on-boarding and off-boarding processes as required.


This guide includes:

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