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User profile fields

In addition to the typical Fuse profile fields, such as Username, Email, First Name, and Last Name, Fuse supports custom customer-defined profile fields. HR integration projects must always start by defining what HR data is available and what data needs to be pushed to Fuse, in order to populate the user profile fields. Only authorised Fuse staff can create custom user profile fields. Updates to custom profile fields must be requested through the Fuse Support portal.

User profile field considerations

Customers are reminded that they are the data controller for their Fuse instance, which means they are responsible for their user’s data within Fuse. Customers must get approval from their organisation’s Data Officer or CTO for the HR data being referenced in the integration.

Whilst Fuse can support numerous custom profile fields, in the interest of simplicity, data protection and API overhead, it is strongly recommended that these are kept to a minimum when integrating with Fuse. Only data that is required for Fuse user management, reporting and analytics should be referenced. 

Special characters such as Æ, Ø, Å, Ü, Ö and Ä are not currently supported in usernames.

Based on numerous customer HRIS integrations, standard business data and organisation hierarchies, the following user profile fields are recommended:





First Name

Last Name

Employee ID

Job Title

Is Manager





Start Date

Start Date UA

Additional Custom Field 1

Additional Custom Field 2

Additional Custom Field 3

Additional Custom Field 4

Additional Custom Field 5

Additional Custom Field 6

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