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Manage Users endpoint

This section includes:


Fuse’s RESTful API includes a Manage Users endpoint, which allows customers to integrate their Fuse instance with a HRIS or identity system.

This guide refers to the ‘Fuse API Manage Users RESTFUL endpoint’ as the ‘Manage Users endpoint' for simplicity.

Using the Manage Users endpoint

Take note of the following information before using the Manage Users endpoint:


The Fuse API uses standard HTTP request method/operations.
These are as follows:

Request method



Allows you to retrieve a user and their details.


Allows you to create a new user.


Allows you to edit and update existing users.


Allows you to deactivate users.

Fuse’s RESTFUL API supports JSON (Java Script Object Notation).


Each Fuse API request requires authorisation. The API authorisation is currently associated with one or more defined admin user accounts on your Fuse instance.

Ensure that these accounts have suitably complex and valid passwords.

See the Authorisationpage for how to obtain a valid authentication.

Additional information

API Documentation

Each Fuse instance includes Swagger-based API documentation that lists all the Fuse API endpoints. This is only available to Fuse Admins with access to the Admin panel: https://<instance_name>

API Version

This documentation is based on the most recent API version 4.4.

All Fuse APIs are versioned. It is recommended that customers always use the latest API version available.

The API version is shown within the endpoint URL for example:

Whilst Fuse always tries to maintain support for older API versions, this is not always possible. All new functionality is released as a new version.

API key terms

Throughout this guide you will see several API related terms To familiarise yourself with these terms, see API key terms.

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