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Response codes

Response codes

When using RESTful API requests, the following response codes may be returned:




200 (OK)


The request was successfully completed.

201 (Created)


A new resource was successfully created.

204 (No Content)

Request Fulfilled

The server has fulfilled the request but does not need to return a response body. The server may return the updated meta information.

Error codes

When using RESTful API requests, the following error codes may be returned:

Error code

Possible causes


400 (Bad Request)

Incorrectly formatted request, or missing parameters.

Check parameters supplied against the request schema.

401 (Unauthorised)

Token is either not present or contains incorrect values for the operation being attempted.

Check that:

  • There is a token being supplied in the request

  • That it has not expired

  • The token has the correct scope

403 (Forbidden)

The token supplied has insufficient scope for the operation being attempted.

The scope provided in the token is not correct for the operation requested. Check that the correct token has been created.

404 (Not Found)

The user does not exist in the system.

Ensure that the ID supplied is correct.

422 (Unprocessable Entity)

Already taken by an enabled user.

Check the instance for a duplicate.

500 (Internal Server Error)

Error information may be returned in the response.

Could have many potential causes.
In this case do one of the following:

  • Check the logs.

  • Ensure that the request values supplied are set correctly.

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