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Compliance reporting integration

With Fuse’s compliance reporting integration, you can use Fuse’s RESTful APIs to pull data directly from custom reports you’ve generated in the Reporting (Beta) screen, and publish them as interactive data visualisations, such as charts or graphs in an analytics platform of your choice. For example, if you use Power BI, you might want to pull data from custom reports you have generated and publish it as an interactive chart, graph or other data visualisations in Power BI.

Key features

Build and manage the data you wish to integrate by creating filtered reports in our easy-to-use reporting UI, and then deliver that data to your desired data visualisation platform using our RESTful APIs.

AWS signed download link

We use secure AWS-signed download links to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data during transfer. This feature guarantees that only authorised users can access the reports, mitigating the risk of unauthorised access.

Flexible report retrieval

Our module enables users to retrieve reports based on their specific requirements. Whether you need complete reports or delta changes from the previous report, our system offers flexibility to accommodate your needs effectively.

Integration with data warehouses

Seamlessly integrate our reports into your data warehouses to streamline data management processes. This integration enables you to consolidate and analyse data efficiently, facilitating informed decision-making and compliance monitoring.

Compatibility with data visualisation software

Our reports are compatible with various data visualisation software, empowering you to transform raw data in a CSV into meaningful insights. Visualise trends, patterns, and anomalies effortlessly to gain valuable insights into your compliance learning in Fuse.


Simplify data management processes by leveraging our module's API capabilities to retrieve and integrate reports seamlessly. Reduce manual effort and enhance operational efficiency.

Insightful data visualisation

Unlock the power of data visualisation by leveraging our reports with compatible data visualisation software. Gain deeper insights into compliance trends and performance metrics, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives.

Customised reporting options

A Fuse admin can tailor reports according to your unique requirements, whether you need comprehensive snapshots or delta changes. Our module offers customizable options to accommodate diverse compliance needs effectively.

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