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Custom reports

The Reporting (Beta) screen will eventually replace the legacy Reporting screen and will include a host of new and improved reports and features. These features and reports will be rolled out in stages, over several consecutive releases.

The Reporting (Beta) screen allows you to create configurable and filterable custom reports. When creating a custom report, you can include or exclude certain types of data, such as organisation-specific custom profile fields, and refine the report using filters, which is ideal when gathering data for very specific reasons.

Example: You might want to create a report with learning plan completion data for people in your sales department who are based in a particular location, and then schedule it to be shared with the head of the Sales on a monthly basis so that they can keep track of the department's completions for important learning plans. To do this, you could create, schedule and share a custom learning plan report filtered in the following way:

  • You might filter by one or more existing sales-related communities, e.g., the Sales community.

  • If your organisation has a Department field, you might filter by a particular department, e.g., Sales.

  • If your organisation has a Job Title field, you might filter by job title, e.g., Sales representative.

  • If your organisation has a Location field, you might filter by a particular location, e.g., London.

This section includes:

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