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Filtering in Universal Analytics

Each tab in the Universal Analytics dashboard (with the exception of the Active Users tab) contains a series of filters, which allow you to narrow down the charts, graphs and insights, as well as reports.


You might filter the charts, graphs, and reports in the One-to-one tab, so that they only show one-to-one data from a specific date range.

There are three types of filter in Universal Analytics:

Filter TypeDescription

Common filters

Filters that exist in multiple tabs on the dashboard.

Tab-specific filters

Filters that only exist in a particular tab. For example, the SURVEY filter is only used to add and remove surveys from the insights and reports in the Surveys tab. 

Custom filters

Custom organisation-specific filters, created by the Fuse team during the customer on-boarding process. During on-boarding, Fuse allows customers to choose a maximum of 3 custom filters which appear across all relevant tabs.


An organisation might want to have a Department filter, which allows them to add and remove different departments from insights and reports. 

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