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Exporting raw content data from Fuse

If required and approved by Fuse, we can export and send you every item of content in your Fuse instance.

The exported package includes:

  1. A ZIP file containing every item of content in your Fuse instance, labelled with its content ID, as assigned in Fuse.

  2. A CSV report, with the details of each content item, including the community ID and name where the content exists, content ID, content name, content creation date, and content author’s user ID. This CSV is essentially a manifest that helps you identify and name the items of content in the ZIP file.

If you require an export of all your organisation’s content, please raise a ticket in the Fuse Customer Support portal.

Fuse can only export items of content.

We cannot include:

Data related to user progress, such as SCORM and learning plan completion can be obtained by generating reports in the Reporting screen or by generating reports in Universal Analytics.

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