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Quick reports

The Reporting (Beta) screen will eventually replace the legacy Reporting screen and will include a host of new and improved reports and features. These features and reports will be rolled out in stages over several consecutive releases.

Quick reports are preconfigured versions of our three most popular reports that can be generated instantly without needing to be configured, such as by applying filters, specifying date ranges, or selecting who can access them. You can quickly pull data on important things in the platform, including a list of all users in the platform or completion data for a selected learning plan or SCORM course, at the click of a button. When you’ve generated a quick report, you can download the CSV to your computer to view it, or if necessary, share the file with others in your organisation.

For example, you might want to quickly check the user completion data for a critical learning plan without having to filter out the data for lots of other learning plans or quickly pull a list of all users in the platform in order to check that their data is accurate and up-to-date at a moment’s notice.

The following quick reports can be created:

Important information

  • Quick reports are designed to be created quickly and easily without much configuration; therefore, you cannot apply filters or add or remove fields from these reports.

  • You cannot enter custom titles when creating quick reports. When a quick report is generated, the title consists of the report type followed by the creation date and time. For example, Scorm Report: 2023-03-17 14:53:28. This helps you differentiate a quick report from others you have created. 

Creating a quick report

To create a quick report in Fuse:

  1. On the Reporting (Beta) screen, go to the Create a quick report section.

  2. If you are generating:

    • the All users report, you do not need to select any additional criteria.

    • the Learning plan report, you must search for and select a learning plan.

    • the SCORM report, you must search for and select a SCORM course.

  3. Click Generate.

  4. The report starts compiling and you are notified when the report is ready to view. When the report has finished compiling, download it by clicking the link in the notification.

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