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All users report

The Reporting (Beta) screen will eventually replace the legacy Reporting screen and will include a host of new and improved reports. The features and reports in this new screen will be rolled out in stages over several consecutive releases.

This quick report includes the details of every user in the Fuse platform, including their name and user ID, email address, system role, their manager’s name and ID, selected language, timezone settings, and deactivation date (if applicable). This report is extremely useful for keeping track of user data for GDPR purposes, such as ensuring user data is current and up-to-date or checking if there are any users that need deactivating upon leaving your organisation.

This report includes data for deactivated users.

You can also generate the User report in the Custom reports section, which allows you to narrow down the list of users by applying filters, as well as include and exclude certain data from the report such as organisation-specific profile fields, and deactivated users.

Standard fields included in the report

The following standard fields are included in this report:


  • The fields listed below are always included in this report and cannot be filtered out or removed when creating the report.

  • The list below does not include any custom profile fields that may be included in the report that are specific to your organisation. For example, your organisation may have custom fields such as Location, Department, or Job Title that are included in this report.




User id

The unique identifier of the user account.



The username of the user.


First name

The first name of the user.


Last name

The last name of the user.



The email address of the user.

System Role

The user's account type.

The following user types are available:

  • User: The user is an ordinary non-admin user.

  • Admin: The user is a site admin with access to the admin panel.


Creation date

The date and time the user’s account was created.

06-11-2015 14:28:47

Last activity date

The date and time the user last accessed Fuse.

17-03-2023 16:39:11

Deactivation date

The date the user’s account was deactivated.

If the user’s account has not been deactivated, this will be blank.

08-03-2021 13:14:06

Time zone setting

The users' time zone as set in their profile.


Language setting

The user's language, as set in their profile.


Manager id(s)

The unique identifier of the user’s manager(s)


If the user has multiple managers, the IDs are separated by a semi colon. For example: 33344;28719

Manager username(s)

The user name of the user’s manager(s)


If the user has multiple managers, the usernames are separated by a semi colon. For example: jane.doe; jon.doe

Manager e-mail(s)

The e-mail address of the user’s manager.

If the user has multiple managers, the emails are separated by a semi colon. For example:;

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