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Uploading a SCORM course to Fuse

This section covers how to upload a SCORM course to Fuse, as well as prerequisites you should be aware of before uploading. 

The file size limit for SCORM courses is 2GB, however, it is recommended that you do not exceed 500 MB. The timeout limit for an upload is currently 5 minutes. This is to accommodate users with slower internet connections.


The contents of the SCORM course must be uploaded to Fuse as a ZIP file, which must be structured correctly. If the ZIP file is not structured correctly, Fuse will treat it as an ordinary ZIP file. 

Take note of the following prerequisites before uploading:

  • The SCORM course must be SCORM 1.2 (Single SCO 1.2).

  • The imsmanifest.xml file must exist at the root level of the folder structure.

  • The SCORM course package must be structured in the following way: 

The number of files within the package, as well as the file names, may differ depending on the provider.

Uploading a SCORM course

To upload a SCORM course to Fuse:

  1. On the Fuse homepage, on the navigation bar, click Upload.

    The following screen appears. 

  2. In the Upload section, you can upload the ZIP file in two different ways: 

    • Drag and drop the file into the Drag & drop to upload files box. 

    • Click the Choose file button and select the file.
      The ZIP file is processed. 

  3. [Optional] Edit the name of the SCORM course. 

  4. [Optional] In the text area, enter a description for the SCORM course.

  5. [Optional] In the tags field, enter one or more tags to help other users find the SCORM course in a search. 

  6. In the Where would you like to upload it to? section, specify where to upload the SCORM course.
    Select one of the following options: 

    • Community: Select one or more communities and if necessary, select one or more topics. It is recommended that you only add SCORM courses to public, private and open communities. For more information, see here.

    • Evidence Portfolio: Select this option if you only want the SCORM course to be uploaded to your evidence portfolio.

  7. In the Notifications section, select who to notify when the file is uploaded.
    Select one of the following options: 

    • Don't notify anyone: No users are notified. 

    • Notify all community members: All users in the selected communities are notified.

    • Notify specific users: Only selected users are notified. 

      When uploading files to an Evidence Portfolio: 

      • The Notify all community members option is not available.

      • If the user selects Notify specific users, they can only select their manager(s).

      • In order for the manager to appear in the Notify specific users list, they must have a manager assigned. 

  8. In the Privacy section, select the I confirm that any personal information of mine, such as my name or email address, has been removed from the file(s) checkbox. 

  9. Click Post.
    The ZIP file is uploaded to Fuse. 
    If the SCORM course has successfully uploaded, you will see a SCORM thumbnail next to it. 

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