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Fuse Flow minimum requirements

Before installing Fuse Flow, ensure that you meet the following minimum requirements:

For information on how to install Fuse Flow, see Installing Fuse Flow.

For information on how to update Fuse Flow to the latest version, see Updating Fuse Flow to a new version.

Minimum browser version

Fuse Flow is only available for the following browsers: 


Minimum version

Google Chrome

66.0.3359.181 and above.

66.0.3359.181 was released on 2018-04-17

Microsoft Edge

All chromium-based Edge browsers are compatible with Fuse Flow. 

Chromium-based browsers

Fuse Flow works with any Chromium-based browser, however, Fuse only officially tests and supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Fuse user account

To access your organisation's Fuse content through Fuse Flow, each user must have a Fuse account.

If you are a Fuse admin, you can create user accounts on the Manage users screen. For more information, see Creating a new user.

Group policy and permissions

Fuse Flow is a Google Chrome extension. Browser extensions are often blocked by IT administrators, so it is advised that IT teams install the extension globally for all devices, or users are granted permission to install it themselves. For more information, see Google's documentation.  

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