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Engaged Users Overview tab

The Engaged Users Overview tab displays insights related to license usage, engaged user demographics and location, and page views over the period defined in TIME PERIOD filter in the Filter By section. 

The Engaged Users Overview tab contains many of the same insights found in the Overview tab, along with some additional ones, such engaged user demographics and location. The Engaged Users Overview tab also allows you to filter these insights so that they only relate to specific communities.

Active users and engaged users are not the same: 

  • Active users: An active user is someone who has a user account and has successfully logged in to Fuse at least once. After a user has logged in, they can perform various actions such as searching for content, visiting a user profile page, signing up for an event, and so on. Data and insights related to active users can be found in the Overview tab

  • Engaged users: An engaged user is someone who has viewed, liked, commented on, followed, or searched for an item of content at least once. 

An active user can become an engaged user if they interact with an item of content in one of the ways listed above. 

At present it is not possible to track users of the Fuse mobile app who do not interact with content. 

All trend indicators are based on 30 day periods. In the example below, the total number of engaged users has increased by 7% when compared to the same time 30 days prior. 

The Consumption tab is divided into the following sections:

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