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Demographic Breakdown section (Engaged Users Overview tab)

The Demographic Breakdown section in the Engaged Users Overview tab gives a breakdown of engaged user demographics in terms of gender, population, and location based on filters selected in the Filter By section. 

The following insights are shown: 




Shows the gender of engaged users in the Fuse instance.

The following is shown:

  • Male: The number of engaged users who identify as male. 

  • Female: The number of engaged users who identify as female. 

At present it is not possible to display a category for engaged users who identify as non-binary. 

In the example below:

  • 36% of engaged users identify as female and 59% of engaged users identify as male.

  • The total number of engaged users identifying as female has increased by 7.6%, when compared to the same time 30 days prior. 

The total number of engaged users identifying as male has increased by 21%, when compared to the same time 30 days prior. 

All trend indicators are based on a 30 day period. You can see how much these numbers have increased /decreased when compared to the same time 30 days prior. 

Population Analysis

Shows the number of engaged users, broken down by whichever profile field is set to be displayed in the chart. 

During implementation, a customer must choose the field they want to link to the Population Analysis bar chart. If the customer wishes to change the field currently linked with this bar chart, they must submit a ticket with support, via the UA queue. 

Location of Engaged Users

Shows the location of engaged users in Fuse across the world. This is useful in finding out which countries are most engaged. 


The colour scale at the bottom of the map provides an indication of what the colours mean on the map. If a country is lighter in colour, it means there are fewer engaged users there. If the colour is darker, it means there is a higher number of engaged users in that country.

Hover over each country on the map, to see the number of engaged users there. 

In the example below: 

  • The country with the lowest number is Sweden, with 6 engaged users. 

  • The country with the highest number is Indonesia, with 1,059 engaged users. 

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