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Editing a SCORM course in Fuse

If you are the owner of the SCORM course, you can edit the details such as changing the ownership, configure sign-off settings, and specify whether or not users can download it from Fuse. 

To edit the details of a SCORM course: 

  1. On the content homepage for the SCORM course, click the ellipsis

    A dropdown appears. 

  2. Click Edit
    The Edit content screen appears. 

The following configuration options are available when editing SCORM courses: 




Edit the existing title of the SCORM course.

Update content with a new file

Replace the uploaded ZIP file with a new one containing updated files and content.

To upload a file, click Choose file

  • Although it is possible to overwrite an existing SCORM file, we do not recommend doing so as it can create issues with suspend data. Instead, we advise you to upload a new version of the SCORM course. For more information on this, see Issues with suspend data in SCORM courses.

  • If you choose to overwrite a SCORM course, any previous records for users that have already completed the SCORM course will remain, as the Fuse content ID of the SCORM course stays the same.


Update the existing description for the SCORM course.

Add thumbnail

Upload a thumbnail image to the SCORM course. 

Custom thumbnails are visible on the Recently added feed, in search results, and on widget feeds such as the Recommendations widget. However, custom thumbnails are not visible when viewing the content homepage for the SCORM course. 


Select one or more communities to share the SCORM course with. 


Add tags to the SCORM course to help users find the SCORM course in a search.

Digital signature

If selected, users must provide a digital signature once they have viewed the SCORM course.
To add a digital signature: 

  1. Select the Digital Signature check box. 

  2. [Optional] In the Statement (Required) field, edit the default confirmation statement. 

  3. [Optional] In the Confirmation button text (Required) edit the default text for the confirmation button. 

  4. Select the I want to receive notification when user signs content check box to receive a notification when a user views provides a digital signature. 

  5. Select the Clear current signatures checkbox to clear the signatures of users who have already provided signatures.

  6. [Optional] In the Notification message field, edit the default text for the notification message sent to users when they need to re-sign.  


[Optional] Transfer ownership of the SCORM course to another user. 

To select an owner:

  1. In the Add user(s) name here field, enter the name of a user. 

  2. Select the user from the dropdown.

    The user is added as the owner. 

To remove the owner, click the cross.



Specify whether or not users can download the SCORM course. 

Select one of the following: 

  • Yes: Users can download the SCORM course. 

  • No: Users cannot download the SCORM course. 

  • Custom: Users can download the SCORM course if they belong to a selected community. 

No is selected by default.

For more information about downloading content from Fuse, including associated permissions, see Downloading content.


Upload an image file to add to the SCORM course completion certificate. This image will be added to the certificate, awarded to the user upon completing the SCORM course. 

For example, the image could be the seal of an accreditation body or the instructor's signature. 

Launch the course in a new window

If selected, the SCORM course will open in a new browser window when launched. 

For the best viewing experience, it is recommended that users select this option.

Enable Certificate

Upon completing the SCORM course, the user will receive a completion certificate that can be viewed and downloaded in the Certificates tab of the your user profile screen. 

If a SCORM course is deleted, the certificate will be deleted from the Certificates tab for users who have successfully completed the SCORM course. 


Enter the price of the SCORM course, for example £10.00. 

This course requires sign off from

If enabled, the user must click Apply for course and get permission from the content owner, their manager, or a specified approver in order to take the SCORM course. 

To select a user as a specified approver: 

  1. In the Add user(s) name here field, enter the name of a user. 

  2. Select the user from the dropdown.

    The user is added as the owner. 

 The content owner/specified approver can approve and decline an application in the Your Notifications screen. The content owner/specified approver also receives an email notification containing a link to the SCORM course.

The applicant's manager can approve and decline an application in: 

  • The Requests section of the Manager/Reportee screen

  • The Your Notifications screen

Click Save to save all configurations. 

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