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Assessments tab

The Assessments tab shows insights related to formal assessments in Fuse, including a breakdown of completed questions in formal assessments, the top 10 formal assessments with highest failure rates, and the highest percentage of correct answers given by users from across the Fuse instance, based on filters selected in the Filter By section. Data related to formal assessments can also be downloaded as reports in the Download Reports section. 

The Assessments tab provides you with an overall picture of how well communities and users perform in formal assessments and where they typically lack knowledge.

For example: 

  • Which questions do users fail the most?

  • Which communities have the best pass rates?

  • Which formal assessments do communities fail the most? 

If users in a community are consistently failing a particular assessment, you could try and improve the content and topics associated with that assessment, so that users find it easer to retain that information and answer questions correctly. For example, some topics might contain too much information and so it might benefit your users if the information was broken down into smaller chunks, so it can be easily digested. 


Assessments can be attached to a whole topic, to a chapter in a topic, or to a particular item of content in a chapter. However, passing and failing can only be set on a topic level. If an assessment is attached to an item of content in a chapter, the pass and fail is counted at the topic level only. 

The Assessments tab is divided into the following sections: 

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