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Team Progress dashboard

The Team Progress dashboard, in the My learning plans screen, allows you to monitor progress made by your reportees on learning plans they have been assigned, including recurrent learning plans assigned for compliance purposes. You can see when reportees have completed assigned learning plans, are currently in progress, have missed a deadline, or have a deadline approaching. You can also send custom reminder notifications to one or more reportees to remind them, for example, if a learning plan is overdue.


The Team Progress dashboard can be thought of as a helpful to do list for managers. Not only does it show your reportees' progress, but also gives a clear indication of which reportees have not completed their required learning on time. For example, you might be the manager of a large department store with lots of reportees. These reportees may be required to complete essential health and safety learning plans to do their job safely. By looking at this dashboard you can quickly identify which reportees have fallen behind by not completing their assigned learning on time, after which you can either speak with them in-person or send a custom notification to try and correct this.

The Team Progress dashboard is also available on the Learning Plans screen when using the Fuse mobile app.


The Team Progress dashboard is only visible on the My learning plans screen if you have reportees assigned in your user profile. Reportees can be assigned to a user in the Manager/Report details section of their Personal settings screen:

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