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SCORM course loads a blank screen

If you open a SCORM course in Fuse and it appears blank or fails to load, it is likely that the SCORM course needs to load in a new window. 

There is a setting in Fuse called Launch the course in a new window.This setting allows you to automatically launch a SCORM course in a new browser window, instead of in the content page. Select this setting if your users typically access SCORM courses on mobile browsers/devices.

If your users are not accessing SCORM courses on mobile browsers/devices, you do not need to select this setting. 

To select this setting:

  1. On the content page for the SCORM course, click the ellipsis.


  2.  From the dropdown, click Edit.
    The Edit content screen appears. 

  3. Select Launch the course in a new window checkbox.

  4. Click Save

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