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SCORM course does not mark as complete or is incorrect

In order for a SCORM course to be marked as complete in Fuse, a completion event must occur. A completion event triggers the course to tell Fuse that it is complete. It is important that we know what this event is, to be able to effectively triage any issues. 

Typical completion events include:

  • The user reaches the final slide in the SCORM course.

  • The user passes a quiz or clicks a button on the final slide of the SCORM course.

  • There are conditions the user must meet. For example, the user must view all slides.

If you are using expiry dates

If you are using expiry dates in a learning plan which contains a SCORM course, when the learning plan expires for the user, the completion status of all content items is reset. For information on how to solve this, see SCORM course is marking itself as complete every time it is opened

If you are not using expiry dates

If you are not using expiry dates and are not clear on the completion event that is occurring, try and obtain this information from the SCORM course author. Check that the user has met all the required conditions when taking the course. If the conditions have been met, check if the SCORM course is sending the completion to Fuse, using the console. If it is being sent to Fuse and this is not being reflected correctly in Universal Analytics Reports, a ticket should be raised with the Fuse Support Team.  

If a user is reporting that they have completed the SCORM course but the report shows they have not, it might be an issue with the connection between the SCORM course and Fuse. 

If all users are being affected, it means the SCORM course is not pushing the data back to Fuse. You can check in the console as to whether the SCORM course is submitting a ‘Complete’ or ‘Passed’ status back to Fuse. If it is not, seek help from your SCORM course vendor/author.

If only a single user or a small number of users are affected, it is likely that these users have become unauthenticated. If a user's login expires whilst they are taking a SCORM course, the connection between the SCORM course and Fuse is broken. We cannot recover any data and the user must take the course again. In this case, check the timeout length and adjust accordingly.

When submitting a ticket with Support, to help speed up the process, please include the following information: 

  • A clear description of issue.

  • Steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue.

  • A confirmation of the completion event.

  • The SCORM Cloud transcript, showing the connection between the LMS (SCORM Cloud) and the SCORM course, as well as the SCORM course submitting the completion status to the LMS.

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