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SCORM completion records

Fuse stores all previous SCORM completion attempt records for each user. When a user successfully completes a SCORM course, a certificate for that particular completion appears in the Certificates tab on their profile screen. A completion record also appears in the SCORM courses report, alongside all other previous completions for that SCORM course. Certificates are listed from newest to oldest. 

If the user is currently in progress ('incomplete'), the current attempt for the SCORM course is shown in SCORM courses report, along with their historic completions. As soon as the user successfully completes the SCORM course, the record is marked as 'completed' and it is stored with all their previous completions. Fuse only stores suspend data for a record that is currently 'incomplete', which means when a SCORM course is marked as 'completed', the suspend data is automatically deleted. If the user then launches the SCORM course again after completing it, a new completion attempt is created.

A user's SCORM completion status can be one of the following: 

  • completed

  • incomplete

  • not started

  • passed

  • failed

Fuse supports ‘incomplete’ and ‘failed” statuses when users are taking SCORM courses directly in the Fuse UI, however, Fuse does not support the import of data for users who are ‘incomplete’ or ‘failed’. Therefore we do not recommend entering ‘incomplete’ or ‘failed’ statuses when importing SCORM data to Fuse using a CSV.

The user can only have one record that is currently in 'incomplete', 'not started' or 'failed' for a SCORM course. All other records for the course will be 'passed' or 'completed'.

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