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Informal assessment settings

The Informal section on the Assessment settings screen allows admins to configure settings for informal assessments.

You must have the Informal checkbox selected in the Enable assessment types section of the Settings tab

Users can take an informal assessment while viewing a chapter or item of content inside the topic, by clicking the Test yourself icon.

They will then be asked questions that are attached to that chapter or item of content to help them test their knowledge of that chapter or item of content.  

The following settings are available for informal assessments:





User able to pass practice question again

Select Yes to allow users to pass the practice question more than once. 

Show only question, which answered not correctly on retaking the assessment

If you select Yes, users will only see questions they have not answered correctly when they retake the assessment. 

Do not require if diagnostic passed

If the user answers the questions correctly in the diagnostic assessment, they will not have to answer this same question again during an informal assessment. 


Show score as a percentage

Select Yes to display the score percentage for the assessment as a percentage. 

Pass score percentage

Enter the minimum pass rate for the assessment. 


If you enter 60, users must answer 60% of the assessment questions correctly in order to pass.  

«Check your knowledge» button

Button labelled as

The text displayed on the button that takes users to the informal assessment. For example, "Test your Knowledge".

Hide button?

If you select Yes, the button will not appear and the assessment will start automatically. 

Skip results page?

Select Yes if you want the Results page to be hidden from users at the end of the assessment. 

Passing questions one by one


Ensures users must answer a question correctly before proceeding to the next one.

Required correct questions number

The assessment will progress to the next set of questions if the configured number of questions are answered correctly or there are no more questions to answer in the current set. 

Maximum questions number

The assessment automatically continues to next set of questions, if the configured number of questions in the current section have been answered.

Select questions in random order?

Select Yes to display informal assessment questions in a random order. If you select No questions are  ordered by creation date. 

Select question sets in random order?

Select Yes to display informal assessment question sets in a random order. 

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