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Forcing completion

If you are an admin, it is possible to force complete a user who is currently taking a SCORM course, by changing their completion status to 'completed', using the SCORM importer functionality in the Imports screen. If a user is currently in progress ('incomplete') and an admin forces completion, the current completion attempt is given a completion date. If the user tries to open the SCORM course after this has occurred, the SCORM course will launch from the start, and a brand new completion attempt is created.

  • For information on how to import and update a user's SCORM completion attempt record using a CSV, see SCORM courses tab (Imports screen)

  • For additional information and FAQs around updating a user's completion attempt record, see SCORM import FAQs.

  • Admins can mark items of content as complete/viewed for one or more users, in the Views dataloader tab.

Fuse does not support 'Review mode'. This means when a user launches a SCORM course from the beginning in Fuse, their status automatically changes from 'not started' to 'incomplete'. 

'Review mode' allows a user to view a SCORM course without affecting their SCORM progression. For more information about review mode, see this page on

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