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Donut chart

Click the Donut Chart icon to visualise your data as a donut chart. Donut charts are similar to Pie charts, in that they allow you to make comparisons.


In the example below, this donut chart compares the popularity of different content types in Fuse, based on how many times each content type has been viewed.

Hovering over a section in the donut chart, reveals the number of views for a particular content type. 

To recreate this example:

  • Drag the Content Views measure from the Data Catalogue, into the Measures section.

  • Drag the Content Type measure from the Data Catalogue, into the View By section.

  • Drag the Community Name attribute into the Filters section above the Donut chart, so that community views from all communities in Fuse are included.

Additional features

Display data as a percentage

You can display the data in the Measures section as a percentage on the Donut chart, by selecting the Show in % checkbox. 

Customise the look and feel

You can customise the look and feel of the chart to match your organisation's branding. For more information about customisation, see the Configuration section.

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