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Data Catalogue

A list of measures and attributes divided into category folders, such as Content, Events, Engagement, One-to-Ones and so on. The measures and attributes in each folder can be dragged and dropped into the respective zones on an insight. Once a measure or attribute has been dragged into a zone, it automatically appears on the insight. 

For a complete list of measures and attributes in the Data Catalogue, see Measures and Attributes.

You can drag and drop: 

  • Measures: Measures represent quantitative data. This is numerical data that can be measured. It is important to note that measures are strictly numerical.

  • Attributes: Attributes represent qualitative data that cannot be measured, such as descriptions, names, IDs, and statuses. Attributes can be numerical or non-numerical, however, the numerical data is treated as text.

You can search for a particular attribute or measure using the search bar, as well as filter the catalogue so that: 

  • Only attributes are listed.

  • Only measures are listed.

  • All measures and attributes are listed.

Renaming an attribute or measure

Once you have dragged an attribute or measure into an insight, you can rename it to make it easier for users to understand when viewing it on the insight. For example, you might change the Content Title attribute to "Content Name" instead.

The original name of the insight in the Data Catalogue will not change. 

To rename a measure or attribute:

  1. Locate the attribute or measure in the Data Catalogue. For example, Content Title

  2. Drag it from the Data Catalogue to the appropriate section on your insight. 

  3. Click the name of the attribute or measure and a text box appears. 

  4. Enter a new name. 

  5. Click outside the text box and the new name is saved. 

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