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Consumption tab

The Consumption tab provides an overview of content viewership in your Fuse instance, based on filters selected in the Filter By section. This allows you to see which content types are the most and least popular, as well as which communities in Fuse view the most content. 

This following data is included:

  • The view ratio for each content type (including articles, videos, uploaded files, external links, questions, and SCORM courses). 

  • The average number of views for each content type.

  • A comparison of content consumption across different communities.

  • The total number of communities created in Fuse, including a list of communities with the largest number of members.

In the context of Universal Analytics, items of content include questions, videos, articles, external links, uploaded files, and SCORM courses. 

In the context of Universal Analytics, "consumption" refers to content views.

The Consumption tab is divided into the following sections:

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