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Can I add Udemy for Business courses to topics or learning plans using a link?

Udemy for Business courses, surfaced using theUdemy for Business search connector, only exist in Fuse’s search index. This means they do not actually exist in Fuse alongside items of Fuse content. As a result, Udemy for Business courses cannot be added to topics or learning plans. However, as a workaround, you can add Udemy for Business course URLs to Fuse external links, and then add these external links to topics and learning plans. This allows users to navigate to a course that is in Udemy for Business via a learning plan or topic.

Ordinarily, Fuse automatically extracts a title, thumbnail and description from URLs. This is currently not possible for Udemy for Business URLs. This information must be entered manually before posting to Fuse.

If you choose to do this, the Udemy for Business course will appear twice in search results:

  • As a Udemy for Business course surfaced via the connector

  • As a Fuse external link

We do not recommend doing this on a large scale, as this may prove confusing for users.

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