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User Defaults

The User Defaults screen on the Admin Panel allows admins to configure default notification settings for users in the platform.

The following default configuration types can be adjusted on the User Defaults screen.

Regardless of the changes made to the default notification settings, users always receive system notifications, such as learning plans becoming available, a manager being assigned, and somebody flagging the user's content as inappropriate.

Default configuration type



On the web app, users are notified via the Notification icon on the navigation bar when an enabled notification from the list, or a system notification, is triggered.

On the mobile app, users are notified via the Notification icon and push notifications.


If enabled, users receive email notifications sent to their Fuse-associated email accounts, alongside notifications appearing on the Fuse UI. The following email notification options are available:

  • All activated notifications: Users receive email notifications for all the notification triggers enabled on the Notifications table.

  • Daily digest: Users receive a daily email summary of all the notification triggers enabled.

  • Weekly digest: Users receive a weekly email summary of all the notification triggers enabled.

The Chat feature has been deprecated.

To save changes, click one of the following buttons depending on your requirements:

  • Save: Default notification settings are only changed for users who are currently using default settings, including all new users. Users who have already changed their notification settings will not be affected.

  • Reset all users to default settings: Default notification settings are changed for all users. Notification settings for users who have already changed their settings will be overwritten.

Users are not notified of any changes made to their settings.

After the default settings are applied, users can adjust their notification settings to their own preference, in the Edit profile screen.

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