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Overview User Info folder

The following measures and attributes are found in the Overview User Info folder in the Data Catalogue

Custom field 1-20Attribute

1-20 custom fields in user's profiles. 

These are custom profile fields in a user's profile.  If custom fields have been added to Universal Analytics, the name of those custom fields will be displayed. If these fields are not added, you will see Custom Attribute 01, Custom Attribute 02, Custom Attribute 03 and so on.

A maximum of 20 custom profile fields can be added to Universal Analytics.

System RoleAttribute

The user's account type.

The following user types are available:

  • User: A regular Fuse user without access to administrative tools or privileges, or a Fuse user who is part of an admin group.
  • Admin: A user with access to the administrative tools and privileges found in the Admin Panel.
TimezoneAttributeThis is a technical metric, do not use. 
User-EmailAttributeThe email address of a user.
User IdAttributeThe unique identifier of a user account.
User Is Fuse EmployeeAttribute Whether or not the user is a Fuse employee. This can be useful if you want to exclude Fuse employees from your analysis.
User NameAttributeThe first and last name of a user.
User StatusAttribute

A user's account can be:

  • Active: The Fuse admin has activated the user's account by selecting the Active toggle in the Manage Users screen. This means the user can access their account regardless of whether they actually choose to log in or not.
  • Deactivated: The Fuse admin has deactivated the user's account by deselecting the Active toggle in the Manage Users screen. This means the user can no longer access their account on the Fuse instance.
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