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Logging in to Fuse Flow

Before you can search for and view your organisation's Fuse content in Fuse Flow, you must log in. 

You must install Fuse Flow before logging in. 

To log in to Fuse Flow: 

  1. Open Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. 

  2. Click the Fuse Flow icon.

    The Fuse Flow login screen opens. 

  3. In the domain name field, enter the domain name of your Fuse instance. For example, if the URL of the organisation's Fuse instance is, enter mycompany

  4. Click Log In

    You are logged in and a popup confirmation appears. 

  5. Click Close

  6. Click the Fuse Flow icon to view and search for content. 

Once you are logged in, you can change the settings in Fuse Flow, such as how content is opened, the voice language search, by clicking the Options icon. 

Logging in to Fuse Flow using SSO

If your organisation has SSO enabled in Fuse, when you click Log In, you are taken to your organisation's Fuse login screen, where you must authenticate using your organisation's chosen identity provider. 

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