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Learning plans widget

The Learning plans widget shows the user all the learning plans they have been assigned, from communities they are a member of, when added to the Default homepageAudience Specific HomepageDefault Manager DashboardManager Specific Dashboard, and User Dashboard

If the Learning plans widget is added to the Community Specific page, it shows learning plans the user has been assigned, from that specific community only. For example, if it is added to the Community Specific page for the Marketing community, users will only see learning plans they have been assigned from the Marketing community. 


Users can cycle through the learning plans they have been assigned, by clicking the arrows in the top-right corner of the widget. 

Learning plans appear in order from newest to oldest.

Users can view a specific learning plan by clicking the learning plan card.

The user's progress is displayed at the bottom of the learning plan card. 


If a learning plan has a deadline date, it is displayed on the learning plan card. For example, Complete by: 2020-07-25

If the user has missed the deadline for a learning plan, Deadline missed is displayed in the bottom-right corner of the card.


If a learning plan is due to expire, the time to expiry is displayed on the learning plan card. For example, Expires in: a day

Configuring the Learning plan widget

If you are a Fuse admin, you can add the Learning plan widget to a page, adjust the width, and change the positioning. 

To configure the Learning plan widget:

  1. In the Admin Panel, click Design Studio
    Design Studio opens. 

  2. Click one of the following tabs:

    • Default homepage: Homepage viewable to users who do not have access to an audience-specific homepage

    • Audience Specific HomepageHomepage specific to certain roles, such as Sales and new starters.

    • Default Manager Dashboard: Used to configure the default layout for the Manager/Reportee screen, viewable to all managers who do not have access to a manager-specific dashboard. 

    • Manager Specific Dashboard: Used to configure a manager-specific layout for the Manager/Reportee screen, based on custom profile fields.

    • Community SpecificHomepage for a specific community, such as the IT, Sales, or Marketing communities.

    • User Dashboard: Used to control the My Dashboard screen, viewable to all non-manager users in Fuse without access to an audience-specific dashboard. This dashboard can be configured by admins to display information that might be useful or relevant to users, such as their average content score, recent activities, contributions, how popular their content is, and learning plans they have been assigned.

  3. If you have clicked the Audience Specific HomepageManager Specific Dashboard or Community Specific tabs:

    1. From the Edit Layout for dropdown, select a layout. 

    2. Select either the default or custom layout. 

  4. On the Widgets menu, select Learning plans.

     The Learning plans widget appears on the layout grid. 

  5. [Optional] In the Widget title field, enter a custom title that will be displayed on the widget. 

    • If a custom title is not entered, the default Learning plans title is displayed.

    • Custom titles in widgets are not translated in the Fuse UI.

  6. In the Default filter option field, select the default filter. For example, if you select the In progress filter, users will see learning plans they have not yet started and learning plans that are currently in progress by default, when viewing the Learning plans widget. 
    Select one of the following:

    • All: Displays all learning plans the user has been assigned, including learning plans the user has not yet started, learning plans that are only partially complete (in progress), and learning plans the user has fully completed. Learning plans are ordered from newest to oldest.  If All is selected, completed learning plans will remain on the carousel. If you do not want completed learning plans to remain visible, it is recommend that you select the In progress filter.

    • In progress: Learning plans the user has been assigned, that are currently in progress. This includes learning plans the user has not yet started and those that are only partially complete (in progress). Learning plans are ordered from newest to oldest. 
      Other widgets on the layout grid adjust their positions accordingly. 

  7. [Optional] Click and drag the square in the bottom-right corner to resize the widget.

    • The recommended width for this widget is 2-6 columns wide. 

    • It is not possible to change the height of this widget.

  8. Click Publish

To remove the widget from the layout grid, click the delete button

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