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Is there anything I should avoid when creating recurrent learning plans?

When creating a recurrent learning plan, it is recommended that you do not:

Assign users to multiple learning plans containing the same content

It is recommended that you do not assign users to multiple recurrent learning plans if they contain the same content items. For example, if an item of content exists in two different learning plans to which the user is assigned, and one of these learning plans is reset, this item of content will reset in both learning plans.

Change expiries too often

It is recommended that you do not change the expiry on recurrent learning plans too often. This is because it can become difficult for admins to track which users should be assigned and when.

If you add an expiry/change the current expiry for an existing learning plan, completed users will be given a new expiry date within 48 hours.

For more information on how users can be affected by changes to recurrent learning plans, see How are users affected if a recurrent learning plan is altered?.

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