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Events folder

The following measures and attributes are found in the Events folder in the Data Catalogue

Event IdAttribute

The unique identifier for the event.

Events are displayed in the Analyzer tool as titles, not IDs.

Event NameAttributeThe title of the event.
Number of Scheduled EventsMeasureThe total number of event occurrences scheduled to take place.
Event Price per SeatMeasureThe average price per seat at events.
Event Subscription %MeasureThe total number of users that applied to attend events, divided by the total number of available seats at events.
Total Event PriceMeasureThe total price for an event.
Number of Event SeatsMeasureThe total number of seats available at an event.
Learning NeededAttributeWhether or not users are required to complete any prerequisite learning before attending the event.
Total EventsMeasureThe number of events organised in the Fuse instance.
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