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Engagement folder

The following measures and attributes are found in the Engagement folder in the Data Catalogue

Avg Engagement Per UserMeasureThe average number of views, likes, shares, comments, and follows per engaged user.
CommentsMeasureThe number of comments posted below an item of content.
Engaged User (%)MeasureThe number of users that engage with content by commenting, sharing, following, viewing, or creating content. This is expressed as a percentage of users that have access to the community.
Engaged Users (trend)MeasureThe difference between the number of engaged users within defined period, and the length of the same period starting 30 days prior. (This is a technical metric which we do not recommend using it).
Engagement Rate (%)MeasureThe total number of engagements, divided by the total amount of engaged users, within defined period. 100% indicates that there is one engagement for every user. The higher the percentage, the more engaged your user base is.
FollowsMeasureThe number of times an item of content has been followed.
LikesMeasureThe number of times an item of content has been liked.
Questions AskedMeasureThe number of questions posted.
Share IdAttributeThe unique identifier used to differentiate a share.
Share Target CommunityAttributeThe name of the community where an item of content was shared.
Shared To (Community/Group/User)AttributeWhere an item of content is shared. An item of content can be shared to a community, a group of users, or a selected user. Note: You can use the "Share Target Community" or "User Id"/"User Name" attributes to add more detail to the recipient of the share.
SharesMeasureNumber of times an item of content has been shared.
Sharing User IdAttributeThe unique identifier of the user who is sharing the item of content.
Sharing User NameAttributeThe name of the user sharing the item of content.
Total EngagementMeasureThe total number of likes, comments, follows, shares, and questions asked in a community by a user.
Users Engaged with ContentMeasureThe number of users that engage with content by commenting, sharing, following, viewing or creating content.
What Was SharedAttribute

The item that was shared.

The following items can be shared:

  • Content
  • Event Occurrence
  • Observational Assessment
  • Survey
  • Topic
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