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Assessment folder

The following measures and attributes are found in the Assessment folder in the Data Catalogue:

AnswerAttributeA text field showing the answer given by a user to a question in an assessment.
Correct AnswerAttribute

Whether or not the answer to a question in an assessment is correct. "True" indicates the given answer is correct, "False" indicates that the given answer is incorrect. If the answer contains "(empty value)" then no answer has been marked as either correct or incorrect.

This only works with questions where the user can select an answer.

Assessment Assessable TypeAttribute

The item being assessed. An assessment can be added to chapters, an individual item of content (ChapterItem) or a topic.

Assessment scores and passing or failing of an assessment happens at topic level.

Assessment Completion RateMeasureThe percentage of users who have completed an assessment, out of the total number of users who have access to it (users in the topic community).
Assessment IdAttribute

The unique identifier for an assessment.

Assessment TypeAttributeThe type of assessment.
Passed Assessment vs Attempted (%)MeasureThe percentage of users that have passed an assessment, out of the total number of users that attempted an assessment.
Number of AssessmentsMeasureThe total number of assessments.
Question TextAttributeThe text of a question in an assessment.
Question IdAttributeThe unique identifier for a question that forms part of an assessment.
Answer TypeAttribute

The question type.

The following question types can be added to an assessment:

  • One Correct: Only one answer, from the list of possible answers provided is correct.
  • Many Correct: More than one answer, from the list of possible answers is correct.
  • Scale: Select a number on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10.
  • Correct Order: Rearrange a set of answers to appear in the correct order.
  • Variation: The answer that is entered, must match one of the terms in the predefined list.
  • FreeText: Enter a free text answer.
Question ValueAttributeThe value of the question in relation to the whole assessment. For example, if the question is worth 10% of the whole assessment, "10" will be displayed.
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