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Why is a user’s learning plan status “Completed” but their score is below 100%?

This can occur if you add new items to a learning plan, including individual items of content, topics, assessments, and events/event occurrences. If the user has already completed the learning plan at the time you add the new items, the user’s score automatically falls below 100%, as they have not yet viewed or interacted with these items in the learning plan. 

Depending on the learning plan you have created, you can try following workarounds:

  • If you have created a learning plan that users must only complete once, always take note before adding content, as any users who are already 100% complete will see their progress score decrease. If you decide to add new content, we recommend referencing each user's completion status when running reports, rather than their progress score. If you want to report on learning plan progress, we suggest only reporting on users who are currently in progress, or download the report and set each completed user back up to 100% completion. 

  • If you have a continuous learning plan, that you add content to on an ongoing basis, we recommend referencing each user's learning plan progress score rather than their completion status, when running reports.   

For more information on how learning plan progress is calculated, see How is learning plan progress calculated?

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