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Why does my SCORM course display different statuses? 

SCORM courses are created and configured outside of Fuse and uploaded as a ZIP file. This means that Fuse has no control over the behaviour of a SCORM course, including user progress status. The authoring tools used to create SCORM courses can determine the completion behaviour and status.

Most authoring tools can be used to define whether the SCORM course should send:

  • A "completed" or "passed" status once the user has completed the course.
  • An "incomplete" or "failed" status when the user has not successfully completed the course.


  • Some authoring tools (such as Camtasia) do not give the creator the choice of status that is sent to the hosting LXP. 
  • For information on how to upload SCORM courses to Fuse, see SCORM courses.
  • For best practices when creating SCORM courses for use with Fuse, see SCORM design best practices
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